FROMK Rewards Point(s)

About K.Rewards Point(s)

  • K.Rewards Point(s) will be rewarded on Checkout Page.
  • The amount of K.Rewards Point(s) will be 100% of the product’s price (except shipping fee).
  • K.Rewards Point(s) will last up to 2 years from the date of earning it.

How to earn K.Rewards Point(s)

  • Shop with FromK (100% of the product’s price/Except shipping fee) (e.g. Product Price – including GST $100 => 100 Points
  • Register your account +200 Points
  • Celebrate your Birthday +200 Points (You can update your birth date by visiting My Account Details page).
  • Write a product review or comment on K-Cook Book +20 Points. Limited to 100 points per month.

How to redeem discounts

You can use the points you earned to redeem discounts.

For 100 Points$1 Off
For 200 Points$2 Off
For 300 Points$3 Off
For 400 Points$4 Off
For 500 Points$5 Off

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this FROMK Point Policy through Contact page.

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