Korean Easy Meal Recipe: Gyeran-mari (Korean egg omelette)

Korean Easy Meal Recipe: Gyeran-mari (Korean egg omelette)

Korean Easy Meal Recipe: Gyeran-mari (Korean egg omelette)
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Literally translating to rolled egg, Gyeran Mari (계란말이) is a Korean omelet made by tightly rolling layers of egg in a pan as it cooks. The technique reminds me of the Japanese Tamagoyaki (玉子焼き), but these are a bit more customizable with a variety of options and are more savory without the sweetness from the mirin and sugar.

Like Tamagoyaki, Gyeran Mari works well for a lunch box or as a side to pair with rice and/or Kimchi Jjigae. Once you get the rolling technique down, the omelet comes together in less than 10 minutes. Claire especially likes hers topped with a drizzle of ketchup.

Korean Easy Meal Recipe: Gyeran-mari (Korean egg omelette)
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A lot of Korean people use the specialty omelette pan for making Gyeran Mari. It is very well seasoned to help release the egg easily without tearing (very important that the pan you use is nonstick, oiled, and thoroughly heated before adding the first layer of egg).
You can pour the beaten eggs through a fine-mesh strainer to help make a more even color and texture. You can mix the carrots and scallions right into the egg mixture, but you can also set them aside to sprinkle over each wet egg layer individually in the pan before rolling. Be sure to roll the egg before the top of the layer is completely set. If the egg is too dry or the layer is too thick, then the Gyeran Mari will tear during the rolling process.


  • 3 large eggs
  • pinch salt
  • 2 tablespoons finely chopped carrots
  • 2 tablespoons finely chopped scallions
  • Vegetable oil for greasing
Korean Easy Meal Recipe: Gyeran-mari (Korean egg omelette)
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1. In a small bowl (preferably with a spout), beat together the eggs and salt until smooth. To make the color and texture more uniform, pour the eggs through a fine mesh strainer if desired. Mix the carrots and scallions into the eggs.
2. Place a Rolled omelette pan or medium (8 inch) nonstick skillet over medium low heat. Grease with a layer of oil.
3. Once thoroughly heated, pour 1/3rd of the egg mixture into the pan in a thin, even layer. Gently cook until the bottom is set, but the top is still slightly wet.
4. Use a spatula or chopsticks to gently lift one side (short side if using a rectangular pan) and fold it over about an inch. Continue to lift and fold/roll until the egg reaches the other side.
5. Grease the exposed part of the pan with oil and pour in another 1/3rd of the egg mixture in a thin, even layer. Once the bottom is set and the top is still a little wet, tightly roll the egg back to the opposite side.
6. Repeat the process one more time with the remaining 1/3rd egg, rolling again to the opposite side to form one log with multiple layers of egg.
7. Remove the roll to a plate and allow to rest for 5 minutes. Slice the roll into even pieces about 3/4-1 inch thick.

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