[Dn.8] CicaPukka Cleanser / [디앤에잇] 시카푸카 클렌저

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Soothe sensitive skin with Cicapuca, enriched with centella asiatica extract, centella asiatica water, and madecassoside.

  • Enjoy a gentle cleansing experience with a rich lather of foam.
  • The dense powder of centella asiatica water provides gentle care for the skin texture.
  • Moisturizes without irritation or tightness, providing a refreshing finish.

[Dn.8] CicaPukka Cleanser / [디앤에잇] 시카푸카 클렌저



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Dn8 Cicapukka Cleanser
[Dn.8] CicaPukka Cleanser / [디앤에잇] 시카푸카 클렌저 $33.50 inc. GST
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