[GREEN FINGER] Forest Multi Defense Sun Stick 19g / [그린핑거] 포레스트 멀티 디펜스 선스틱

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Why we love it
This is a Jeju pine tree forest sun stick that blocks UV rays strongly with a moist finish.
This is a premium clean sun care product suitable for the whole family.
The 3-in-1 functional product serves wrinkle improvement, skin brightening and UV protection of SPF50+ PA++++.
Provides comfortable finish with transparent elasticity and light texture.
Power-house brand of sun protective products, Green Finger’s special technique and expertise are formulated to present this upgraded powerful multi-defense sun cushion!
Its clean and mild formula is suitable for all family members.
The product has been overwhelmingly loved and winning the top rank for 3 consecutive years.
According to reviews, this product has a smooth, moist, and transparent texture and strong UV protection. It has a light scent of phytoncide and does not clump or feel sticky, making it highly recommended for repurchase.
A transparent formula without stickiness and white casting along with a moist and fresh finish.
It is a product that forms a transparent and powerful defense film with an excellent UV blocking effect by applying Forest’s optimized distributed technology.
This formula completed the skin irritation test.
Tested for no parabens and fragrance allergens.
Featured ingredients
Its clean moisturizing formula contains Pure Forest Complex to comfort your skin. Feel South Korea’s clean forest on your skin !
Refreshing phytoncide scent that contains Jeju pine trees full of blue forest and subtle forest, which heal every time you apply it.
Camellia flowers, which blooms in the snow and endures freezing temperatures, soothe and revitalize tired skin from external environments.
Powered by vitamins and minerals of Pinus Koraiensis Seed Extract, it helps nourish skin for softer skin texture.
It contains JeJu Island’s Chamaecyparis Obtusa Water to keep skin moisturized and relieved even during long hours of outdoor activities.
How to use
Apply the contents smoothly by turning the bottom dial of the container and apply it frequently to the areas that need UV protection while carrying it.

**The package design of the actual product might vary depending on the design update by the manufacturer.

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Weight 0.019 kg


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Green Finger Forest Multi Defense Sun Stick 19g
[GREEN FINGER] Forest Multi Defense Sun Stick 19g / [그린핑거] 포레스트 멀티 디펜스 선스틱 $9.41 inc. GST
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