[Qone] Trusweet Allulose Oligosaccharides 700ML / [큐원] 알룰로스

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Samyang Corporation’s Qone introduces Trusweet Allulose Oligosaccharides, which are lowerose with diabetes! Are you worried about your blood sugar?
Low-calorie sugar substitute sweetener-allulose efficacy Allulose has the advantage of being low in calories and not raising blood sugar. Therefore, it helps to lose body fat and also helps control blood sugar. (Some studies have shown that it improves insulin resistance.) It is also said to play the role of prebiotics. In other words, it seems that allulose is also a food for lactobacilli so that the intestinal lactic acid bacteria can grow well! Trusweet Allulose, which is made from Qone’s unique enzyme technology, contains 99.1% of allulose. Its calories are lowered to one-tenth of that of the existing sweetener products of the company.
Samyang Corporation Allulose also obtained the “KMF (Korea Muslim Federation) Halal” certification in February 2020. The KMF Halal certification has the same effect as it is cross-certified with JAKIM of Malaysia, which is one of the world’s three largest halal certification bodies. It has lowered calories but retained its sweetness, so use it as usual. No sugar ! Yes Allulose you can use it when you are cooking to Stir-Fried, Simmered dishes, Baking etc, also Salad dressing, tea, coffee.

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Nutritional Information

Servings per package: 7

Serving size: 100g


Average Quantity

per Serving

per 100g







Total Fat(g)



    – Saturated Fat(g)



Total Carbohydrate(g)

71 71

    – Sugars(g)

1 1

Dietary Fiber(g)



0 0



Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg


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Qone Trusweet Allulose Oligosaccharides 700ml
[Qone] Trusweet Allulose Oligosaccharides 700ML / [큐원] 알룰로스 $18.81 inc. GST
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