[Solmoi] Roasted Seaweed Yaki Sushi Nori 22g / [솔뫼] 구운 김밥용김 22g

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Enjoy authentic Korean gimbap with [Solmoi] Roasted Seaweed for Gimbap. This premium quality, crispy yet pliable seaweed is perfect for homemade gimbap.

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Elevate your homemade gimbap with the rich and savory taste of [Solmoi] Roasted Seaweed for Gimbap. This high-quality seaweed is specially crafted for making gimbap, a popular Korean dish that resembles sushi rolls. With its perfect texture and taste, [Solmoi] Roasted Seaweed adds an authentic and delicious touch to your gimbap creations.

Premium Quality Seaweed

Made from carefully selected seaweed, this product offers a superior taste and texture. The seaweed is roasted to perfection, providing a crispy yet pliable sheet that is ideal for wrapping rice and various fillings.

Convenient and Ready to Use

Packaged in a convenient 22g pack, [Solmoi] Roasted Seaweed is ready to use straight out of the package. Whether you are making gimbap for a quick snack, lunchbox, or picnic, this seaweed ensures ease of use and excellent results every time.

Cultural Note

Gimbap, often referred to as Korean sushi, is a beloved dish in Korea that features rice and various fillings such as vegetables, eggs, and meat, all rolled in a sheet of seaweed. The seaweed, or “김” (gim), is a crucial component that adds flavor and structure to the roll. [Solmoi] Roasted Seaweed for Gimbap captures the essence of this traditional dish by providing high-quality seaweed that enhances the overall taste and presentation. Enjoying gimbap is a cultural experience that reflects the creativity and simplicity of Korean cuisine, making it a popular choice for meals and snacks.

How to Use

Place a sheet of [Solmoi] Roasted Seaweed on a bamboo mat or a clean surface.

Spread a thin layer of cooked rice evenly over the seaweed, leaving a small border at the top edge.

Add your desired fillings, such as sliced vegetables, cooked meat, or eggs, in a line along the bottom third of the rice.

Carefully roll the seaweed from the bottom, using the bamboo mat to apply gentle pressure and create a tight roll.

Slice the roll into bite-sized pieces and serve with soy sauce or other dipping sauces.

Enhance with Fresh Ingredients

Incorporate fresh ingredients like avocado, cucumber, or pickled radish to add more flavor and texture to your gimbap.

Experience the authentic taste and texture of [Solmoi] Roasted Seaweed for Gimbap, and create delicious Korean rolls at home with ease and convenience!


Allergy & Nutritional Information




Nutritional Information

Servings per package: 5

Serving size: 4g Net WT: 22g


Average Quantity

per Serving

per 100g

Energy (kj)



Protein (g)



Total Fat (g)



Saturated Fat (g)



Total Carbohydrate (g)

1.89 47.16

Sugars (g)



Sodium (mg)

21.65 541.18


**The package design of the actual product might vary depending on the design update by the manufacturer.

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Weight 0.022 kg


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Solmoi Roasted Seaweed Yaki Sushi Nori 22g
[Solmoi] Roasted Seaweed Yaki Sushi Nori 22g / [솔뫼] 구운 김밥용김 22g $3.96 inc. GST
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