[Chungjungone] Premium Oyster Sauce 260g / [청정원] 프리미엄 굴소스 260g

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Enhance your dishes with [Chung Jung One] Premium Oyster Sauce. This high-quality condiment offers a rich, savoury flavour perfect for stir-fries, marinades, and sauces.

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Enhance your dishes with the rich and umami flavour of [Chung Jung One] Premium Oyster Sauce, a high-quality condiment made from premium oysters. Perfect for adding depth and complexity to a variety of dishes, this sauce is a staple in Korean and Asian cuisines.

Rich and Savoury Flavour

[Chung Jung One] Premium Oyster Sauce is crafted from high-quality oysters, providing a deep, savoury flavour that enhances the taste of your dishes. Its rich umami profile makes it ideal for stir-fries, marinades, and sauces.

Versatile and Convenient

This oyster sauce is incredibly versatile, perfect for both everyday cooking and gourmet recipes. It adds a unique flavour to meats, vegetables, and seafood, making it a must-have in your kitchen.

Oyster sauce is a beloved ingredient in many Asian cuisines, known for its ability to bring out the natural flavours of ingredients. [Chung Jung One] Premium Oyster Sauce captures the essence of traditional oyster sauce, offering a convenient way to elevate your cooking. Whether you’re preparing a simple stir-fry or a complex dish, this sauce provides the perfect balance of savoury and sweet notes.

How to Use

Use it as a marinade for meats and seafood to enhance their flavour.

Add a few tablespoons to stir-fries for a rich, savoury taste.

Mix it into sauces and dressings to add depth and complexity.

Tips for Enjoying

Store [Chung Jung One] Premium Oyster Sauce in a cool, dry place after opening to maintain its freshness. Perfect for a variety of dishes, from everyday meals to special occasions.

Experience the rich and umami taste of [Chung Jung One] Premium Oyster Sauce, and elevate your culinary creations with this versatile and flavourful condiment.


Allergy & Nutritional Information



Soy, Wheat, Gluten, Mollusc

Nutritional Information

Servings per package: 17

Serving size: 15g Net WT: 260g


Average Quantity

per Serving

per 100g

Energy (kj)



Protein (g)



Total Fat (g)



Saturated Fat (g)



Total Carbohydrate (g)

6.2 41

Sugars (g)



Sodium (mg)

699 4660


**The package design of the actual product might vary depending on the design update by the manufacturer.

Additional information

Weight 0.260 kg


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Chungjungone Premium Oyster Sauce 260g
[Chungjungone] Premium Oyster Sauce 260g / [청정원] 프리미엄 굴소스 260g $7.81 inc. GST
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