[Sandokkaebi] Fabric Freshener Spray (Green Herb) 300ML / [산도깨비] 섬유탈취제 그린허브향

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Crank up the fresh density of your home’s fabrics and clean away stinks with Sandokkaebi Fabric Freshener Spray. Touch-activated scent technology brings an instant explosion of airy undertones and crisp, vibrant layers. Go ahead, just try and stop touching and sniffing.


Turn Fabric Refresher nozzle on and spray in a sweeping motion to lightly mist your fabrics—then let dry.

USE on hard-to-wash fabrics throughout your home, like carpets, furniture, upholstery, bedding, toys, gym bags, and much more.

on fabrics that water spot, including silk, suede, and leather. Unsure? Test on a small area first.

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Weight 0.3 kg


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Sandokkaebi Fabric Freshener Spray Green Herb 300ml
[Sandokkaebi] Fabric Freshener Spray (Green Herb) 300ML / [산도깨비] 섬유탈취제 그린허브향 $3.63 inc. GST
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