[Sandokkaebi] Muldokkaebi Dehumidifier 510G / [산도깨비] 참숯 물도깨비

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In Stock
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Designed to Eliminate Moisture and Moisture In Indoor Air

It Helps Maintain Moisture In The Air And Helps To Resist Condensate, Humid Room, Allergen, and Mold in the Air.

Suitable for Rooms Including Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Bedroom, Basement, Caravan, Boat, Garate

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Weight 0.51 kg


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Sandokkaebi Muldokkaebi Dehumidifier 510g
[Sandokkaebi] Muldokkaebi Dehumidifier 510G / [산도깨비] 참숯 물도깨비 $3.30 inc. GST
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