[No Brand] Salad Spinner / [노브랜드] 야채 탈수기

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FAST SALAD DRYER – Home Food Prep Device Quickly Dries Your Freshly Washed Lettuce, Spinach, Cabbage, Vegetables, Fruits & Other Salad Ingredients

EASY MANUAL OPERATION –Easy, one-handed operation, Convenient Crank Style Rotary Handle Lets You Turn Spinner Basket; Comfortably Designed for Both Right & Left Handed Users

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY:Stay safe and save energy. Food-grade elements won’t compromise the integrity of your fresh vegetables so the entire family benefits.It is easy to clean.Just rinse thoroughly with water

GREAT DESIGN:Non-slip ring and wide base keep bowl steady on countertop. Your top is well secured when you are spinning your fruit, vegetables or your salad.


Diameter – 25cm, Height – 21.5cm


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[No Brand] Salad Spinner / [노브랜드] 야채 탈수기 $31.90 inc. GST
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