[Dongwon] Pumpkin Porridge 420G / [동원] 양반 단호박죽

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[Dongwon] Pumpkin Porridge 420G


Sweet pumpkin porridge adds a pop of flavor to an already popular Korean dish. The instant porridge is flavored with honey and Korean pumpkin to provide the porridge with a nice, natural sweetness. This traditional Korean porridge made with Korean pumpkin is often given to those that are ill as a pick-me-up. Enjoy this sweet pumpkin porridge as a comfort food or as a satisfying light meal or snack. Dongwon started off making authentic Korean products with an emphasis on delivering the best quality possible leading them to play a hand in every stage of production from processing, distribution, and service. Items like their sweet pumpkin porridge demonstrate their dedication to putting out the best items possible.

Ingredients: Water, pumpkin, sugar, glutinous rice flour, sweet red bean (red bean, sugar), rice grits, rice flour, salt, vitamin C

Nutritional Information

Servings per package: 1

Serving size: 420g


Average Quantity

per Serving

per 100g







Total Fat(g)



    – Saturated Fat(g)



Total Carbohydrate(g)

80.0 19.0

    – Sugars(g)

38.0 9.0

Dietary Fiber(g)



570.0 135.7


Additional information

Weight 0.42 kg

1 review for [Dongwon] Pumpkin Porridge 420G / [동원] 양반 단호박죽

  1. Timo00 (verified owner)

    Great for breakfast subsitution or in-between meal snacks. Love the pumpkin flavor and consistency. I will buy it again.

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[Dongwon] Pumpkin Porridge 420G / [동원] 양반 단호박죽
[Dongwon] Pumpkin Porridge 420G / [동원] 양반 단호박죽 $6.53 inc. GST
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