[No Brand] Dishwashing Liquid 1.7L / [노브랜드] 주방세제

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[No Brand] Dishwashing Liquid 1.7L

[노브랜드] 주방세제


No-brand dishwashing detergent 1.7L for washing fruits and vegetables. With your skin in mind, find a first-class dishwashing detergent that contains moisturizing ingredients now.


Alkyldimethylamine oxide, alkyl glucoside, sodium chloride, coconut diethanolamide, sodium lauryl ether,  sulfate, citric acid, fragrance, sodium benzoate, glycerin, purified water

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Weight 1.7 kg


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[No Brand] Dishwashing Liquid 1.7L / [노브랜드] 주방세제 $8.85 inc. GST
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