$1 – [Haechandle] Spicy Vinegar Red Pepper Paste Chogochujang 170g / [해찬들] 초고추장 170g

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Add tangy, spicy flavour to your meals with Haechandle Chojang. Perfect for dipping, marinating, and dressing. Easy to use and ideal for various dishes.

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Enhance your meals with [Haechandle] Chojang, a tangy and spicy Korean vinegar red pepper paste. Perfect for adding a burst of flavour to various dishes, this versatile condiment combines the heat of red pepper with a hint of sweetness and a tangy kick, making it an essential ingredient for Korean cuisine and beyond.

Unique Tangy-Spicy Flavour

Blending the robust heat of red peppers with sweet and sour notes, this chojang adds a complex and exciting taste to your dishes.

Versatile Condiment

Ideal for dipping, marinating, and dressing, it complements a wide range of foods, from fresh vegetables and seafood to meats and noodles.

Authentic Korean Taste

Made with high-quality ingredients, [Haechandle] Chojang captures the traditional flavours of Korean cuisine, bringing a touch of authenticity to your meals.

Easy to Use

Ready to serve straight from the bottle, it’s convenient for busy days when you need a quick way to elevate your dishes.

How to Use

For dipping, simply pour a small amount into a dish and serve with fresh vegetables, seafood, or Korean pancakes.

To marinate, coat your choice of meat or tofu with chojang and let it sit for at least 30 minutes before cooking.

As a dressing, drizzle over salads or mixed with noodles for an instant flavour boost.

For sauces, mix with soy sauce or sesame oil to create a delicious blend for your favourite dishes.

Enhance the Flavour

Combine chojang with a bit of honey or lemon juice to adjust the sweetness and tanginess to your liking.

Make it a Meal

Use chojang as a topping for bibimbap or poke bowls to add a vibrant, spicy touch.

Adjust the Heat

For a milder taste, mix chojang with a little bit of mayonnaise or yogurt to tone down the spiciness.

Perfect the Dip

Pair chojang with fresh sashimi or boiled dumplings for a traditional Korean dipping experience.

Creative Combinations

Experiment with chojang in fusion dishes like spicy vinegar red pepper pasta or as a zesty base for sauces.

Cultural Note

Chojang, or 초고추장 in Korean, is a staple in Korean households, especially when it comes to seafood dishes and salads. This spicy vinegar red pepper paste has been enjoyed in Korea for generations. It brings a burst of tangy heat that complements both raw and cooked ingredients. Traditionally, chojang is used in popular Korean dishes like hwe dup bap (raw fish rice bowl) and as a dipping sauce for fresh vegetables.

In Korea, meals are often shared family-style, with everyone enjoying a variety of dishes. Chojang adds a vibrant, spicy touch that enhances the communal dining experience, making it a beloved condiment in Korean culture. Now, as New Zealand embraces a wider range of global flavours, chojang offers an exciting opportunity to bring a taste of Korea to your table. Whether you’re exploring Korean cuisine for the first time or adding a new twist to your favourite Kiwi dishes, [Haechandle] Chojang is a versatile and delicious choice.

Bring a touch of Korea to your kitchen with [Haechandle] Chojang, and discover how this tangy, spicy paste can transform your dishes into flavourful masterpieces!


Allergy & Nutritional Information



Wheat, Sesame

Nutritional Information

Servings per package: 8.5

Serving size: 20g Net WT: 170g


Average Quantity

per Serving

per 100g

Energy (kj)



Protein (g)



Total Fat (g)



Saturated Fat (g)



Total Carbohydrate (g)

9.8 49

Sugars (g)



Sodium (mg)

321 1605


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Haechandle Spicy Vinegar Red Pepper Paste Chogochujang 170g
$1 – [Haechandle] Spicy Vinegar Red Pepper Paste Chogochujang 170g / [해찬들] 초고추장 170g Original price was: $3.30.Current price is: $1.00. inc. GST
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