[Manyo Factory] Pure Cleansing Tissue 80 Sheets / [마녀공장] 퓨어 클렌징 티슈

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Why we love it
Manyo Factory strives to provide beauty and health to both skin and the environment.
You can clean your face with just one sheet without having to wash your face several times.
It is a mildly acidic moisture cleansing tissue that gives a moist finish without the skin feeling taut even after cleansing.
With just one tissue, you can not only cleanly remove makeup, but also gently remove dead skin cells from your skin.
The soft embossed tissue wipes away hidden waste and leaves moisture on the skin, leaving the skin comfortable as if providing skincare.
Thin tissue may irritate the skin by hand pressure, but the thick embossed fabric remains soft on the skin and gently wipes in between the pores.
It provides cleansing that takes care of the skin even during the short time of wiping.
The product’s high-quality essential oil, which uses 3.5 tons of Rosa × damascena per kg, emits a delicate rose scent as if you were in a French rose garden.


Featured Ingredients
It contains highly moisturizing cleansing water with weak acidity of pH 5.5+1.00, so that the skin remains moist even after wiping it off.
It is a product full of rare ingredients that are good for the skin.
Punica granatum fruit juice and malus domestica fruit extract contain fruit-derived AHA ingredients to prepare dead skin cells and make the skin smooth.
Sodium hyaluronate attracts moisture and hydrates the skin even after wiping with a tissue.
Centella asiatica extract and tea tree extract soothe and relieve irritated skin.


How to use
Take out a sheet of tissue and remove accent makeup around the eyes and mouth, then gently wipe from inside to outside following the skin texture.
When wiping around the eyes, be careful not to get the contents into your eyes, and after use, close the cap (sticker) completely to avoid the contents from drying out.


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Manyo Factory Pure Cleansing Tissue 80 Sheets
[Manyo Factory] Pure Cleansing Tissue 80 Sheets / [마녀공장] 퓨어 클렌징 티슈 Original price was: $18.98.Current price is: $13.29. inc. GST
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