[Mongdies] Excellent Ato Cream 240ML / [몽디에스] 아토 크림

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[Mongdies] Excellent Ato Cream 240ML


Infant to Adult


Hypoallergenic vegetable cream

Use all ingredients of EWG Green level

Prove safety by passing all skin low-irritation test

Highly concentrated creamy texture without lumps

Provide high moisturization & nutrition to delicate skins

Contains plenty of clean deep ocean water

How to use

1) After cleansing or bath, take an ample amount onto your palms and evenly apply along the skin contour

2) Lightly dab to help deep penetration into your skin

***TIP: Apply onto your body as well as face whenever you feel dry or sensitive to make it even more moisturized***

Cautions in use

1) In case of having side effects as following while using it, stop using it. If you keep using it, it’s getting worse. Consult a dermatologist immediately.

2) Do not apply it on the part where you have a scar or dermatitis.

3) Wash off immediately when it contacts eyes.

4) Precautions for treatment and storage.

(1) Keep it out of the reach of children.

(2) Avoid leaving the product in direct sunlight

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Weight 0.24 kg


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[Mongdies] Excellent Ato Cream 240ML / [몽디에스] 아토 크림
[Mongdies] Excellent Ato Cream 240ML / [몽디에스] 아토 크림 Original price was: $44.80.Current price is: $35.84. inc. GST
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