[Mongdies] Sun Stick 22G / [몽디에스] 선스틱

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  • Infant to Adult


  • Stick-type gentle inorganic sunscreen without shine
  • Contains 5 plant-derived ingredients, deep seawater
  • Contains deep ocean water, sprout complex
  • Daily / Outdoor Activities
  • Protect yourself from ultraviolet rays
  • Use all ingredients of EWG Green level
  • Artificial Fragrance-Free Natural Essential Scent
  • Summer baby skin care

How to use

1) Turn the dial at the bottom of the container to roll up the content by about 5mm.
2) Gently apply on areas prone to exposure to UV rays, such as the face, arms, and legs, 2-3 times.
3) After use, fully roll down the content and close the cap.


1) When you’re out, apply frequently to areas of high sunlight contact every 2-3 hours!
2) Recommend Mongdies Cleaning Water and facial cleanser to clean your face.

Cautions in use

Be careful not to use the dial more than 5mm, because the nature of the stick formulation may cause the contents to crack or break if the contents are raised or lowered to the end.


[Mongdies] Sun Stick 22G / [몽디에스] 선스틱
[Mongdies] Sun Stick 22G / [몽디에스] 선스틱
[Mongdies] Sun Stick 22G / [몽디에스] 선스틱
[Mongdies] Sun Stick 22G / [몽디에스] 선스틱


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Weight 0.022 kg


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Mongdies Sun Stick 22g 몽디에스 선스틱
[Mongdies] Sun Stick 22G / [몽디에스] 선스틱 Original price was: $32.67.Current price is: $22.87. inc. GST
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